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Pet Food Nutrition

9 Modules | 47 Video Lessons | 15 Handouts | 8 Hours of Total Training 

The pet food industry is constantly evolving and they’re watching consumer trends to get a leg up on the market. Consumers are demanding higher quality pet foods but many pet food companies are tricking them into thinking their food is something it's not. You'll learn how to help pet owners navigate this tricky industry and give them what they need: high quality commercial diets without the lies and deception.

Raw Dog Food Nutrition

6 Modules | 44 Video Lessons | 13 Handouts | 9 Hours of Total Training 

Raw feeding is all the rage! But most raw diets don't provide balanced nutrition. In this mastery course, you'll learn the science behind raw feeding and you'll be able to construct complete diets from scratch, based on canine and feline physiology, their ancestral nutrient sources, and the foods available today. Raw feeding is a science, not an art... and this course will deliver the science you need to excel as a raw food nutrition professional. 

Advanced Pet Nutrition

6 Modules | 33 Video Lessons | 6 Handouts | 7 Hours of Total Training 

You can't curse disease without solid nutrition. Yet nutrition is one of the most overlooked aspects of veterinary medicine. You need to be able to customize diets based on each dog or cat's individual requirements and that's exactly what you'll learn to do in this mastery course. You'll learn how to construct diet and supplement plans for most of the common health issues in companion animals. Fresh, whole foods and well-chosen supplements and herbs can change the life of the animal eating them. You can be the one helping to make those changes. 

Acute Canine Herbalism

9 Modules | 47 Video Lessons | 14 Handouts | 7 Hours of Total Training 

Your Dogs Naturally University certification means you'll be ready to confidently grow, harvest, compound and use herbal remedies to treat common acute issues ... either for your own dog or for the dogs and clients you work with. The Acute Canine Herbalism certification and badge are your way of showing you're committed to herbal medicine ... and they'll show others you've learned from one of the most trusted sources in natural dog care. We built this course to get you started, quickly and safely, on your path to herbal healing.

Acute Canine Homeopathy

15 Modules | 89 Video Lessons | Therapeutic Pocket Book | Materia Medica | 10+ Hours of Total Training 

As an Advanced Canine Homeopathy Specialist, you'll understand how your dog's body heals. You'll be able to identify symptoms and know when and how to dose him properly. There'll be fewer visits to the vet, more money in your pocket, and no more worrying about giving your dog recommended and dangerous medications.